Flip-Flops by Shanae M. Gamble


By Shanae M. Gamble

  • Publication Date: 2015-08-06
  • Genre: Family & Relationships

Book Summary

flip -flops The Church is filled with members and friends rejoicing at the sounds of faith and belief as the First Lady testifies on faith and then deliverance. The Holy Spirit touches her with the warmth of forgiveness and servitude. Suddenly First Lady Kelly shouts with joy as tears run down Pastor Marks cheeks. Only the two of them knows the history behind this encounter but each individual member begin to feel a peace to whatever problems he or she face when entering the sanctuary that day. Pastor Marks: (The St. John Baptist Choir Begins to Sing, I wont Complain in the background as the pastor begins to speak) Sometimes we have some rough days and sleepless nights but when we look around and find a light at the end of the tunnel, we found our good days outweighs the bad ones. GOD has tested the idea of faith from the beginning of time with the tree of knowledge in Genesis Chapter 2:9. The tree of knowledge represents life as being good and tests our faith with evil. The Bible explains how eating from this tree will give knowledge of whats good and evil. It is up to our faith in God to distinguish right from wrong and how to lead a path less followed and of righteousness.

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