Corduroy by Hannah Brodie


By Hannah Brodie

  • Publication Date: 2015-08-17
  • Genre: Family & Relationships

Book Summary

Marriage takes hard work. Daily life can take its toll on even a successful marriage. And when one of the parties commits adultery, the effect on a marriage can be devastatingand final. But it does not have to be.

Author Hannah Brodies Corduroy is the true story of love and faith bound together beneath Gods gaze. Young love, starry-eyed and rose-rimmed, turned sinister and dark when vows were shattered and trust broken. The promise of a married life of blissful togetherness was torn to shreds by a prolonged marital affair. Brodie tells the story of a young wife who just wouldnt let go, even when everything and everyone around her were shouting and telling her to get out. It is also the story of a nave and decent young man driven to breaking his solemn vows and his wifes heart through lust and deceit. Corduroy shows how a wife, through Christs eternal grace, continued to believe and trust God would restore her marriage, her husband, and her love, and how a man finally found redemption and grace.

In Corduroy, you will learn infidelity does not have to mean the death of a marriage. Follow a couple who made their way out of the deepest valley and found a renewed passion and love through Christ. It takes work, but you can find this renewal through Christ as well.

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