Certainly Sensible by Pamela Woods-Jackson

Certainly Sensible

By Pamela Woods-Jackson

  • Publication Date: 2015-12-02
  • Genre: New Adult

Book Summary

Susan Benedict and her daughters Caroline, the sensible one, Allie the high-strung artist, and teenage Megan, are stunned to learn they are being booted out of their family home when her ex-husband Daniel’s new trophy wife wants the social status the address will bring her. The Benedict women find themselves in unexpected financial straits, so oldest daughter Caroline is determined to help make ends meet. 

However, in order to do that, she must consider leaving not only the job she loves, but the man who has her heart – a man engaged to someone else. All four women doubt their ability to make the transitions necessary to succeed, but deep within each lies a well of strength only adversity can uncover.

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