Charlatan Mouth by Thomasina Vale

Charlatan Mouth

By Thomasina Vale

  • Publication Date: 2014-04-16
  • Genre: Poetry

Book Summary

Cat Sandwich Press Is pleased to present the return of a forgotten classic, Thomasina Vale's Charlatan Mouth Praise for Charlatan Mouth: "With her stark examinations of female and male dynamics and evocative imagery, Thomasina Vale was light years ahead of her time. She was a sort of T.S. Eliot for the West, or better yet, an Emily Dickinson for Southern California." -Geneva Howard-Everett Professor of Feminine Studies Acevedo University, Sao Paulo, Brazil "Vale had a heart and sense of humor the size of her home state. Pretentious at times? Perhaps. Profoundly heartfelt? Without question. Her conveyance of emotion was profound. Her love of humanity shines through every line. One of the most preeminent explorers of the human heart of the last century" -Sarah Gilligan-Childe Author of Kissing The Butterfly "This most mysterious and obscure of poets only becomes more prescient with time. Thank God for Cat Sandwich Press for revisiting this most valuable of volumes. It is essential for any student interested in 20th Century Poetry. Bravo!" -Calvin Jarkus Author of Thomasina Vale: One-liners and Heartache

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