Celestial Traveler by Glenn Hermann

Celestial Traveler

By Glenn Hermann

  • Publication Date: 2015-11-23
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Book Summary

Celestial Traveler takes readers on a journey to heaven, hell, and outer darkness through one man’s near-death experience. The book begins in an Eskimo village in southwestern Alaska. Abraham George is a rough-cut Eskimo often drunk. In 2005, while on a routine wood-gathering trip on his snowmobile, Abraham had a fatal accident. It was then an unearthly being, brighter than the sun, appeared before his eyes. At that moment, Abraham was instantly transported by this being on a journey to three celestial destinations: heaven, outer darkness, and hell. Read what Abraham saw, heard, smelled, and felt on his journey. Abraham has an important heavenly message to share with mankind and possesses supernatural powers to prove it. Celestial Traveler is a convincing story written with a lawyer’s mind for detail from a Christian apologetic standpoint.

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