The Arrangement by Charlotte Byrd

The Arrangement

By Charlotte Byrd

  • Publication Date: 2016-08-23
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 10 Ratings)

Book Summary

When April needs a date to her ex-fiance's engagement party, her friend sets her up with an  escort. No sex. No strings attached. Just a hot guy who is paid to adore her for a weekend. What could go wrong?

Grant is a multi-millionaire and an escort. He doesn't do this for money. He can get any woman he wants, but he likes a challenge. You wouldn't think it, but women who pay for sex are so much more of a challenge. They aren’t paying just for sex, they're paying for an experience. They want to be wowed and adored and pleased. And Grant specializes in all that. 

At first, Grant thinks that April is just like the rest of his clients: curvy girl on the wrong side of 20 in desperate need of a mouth-watering date. But April doesn't want sex and she doesn't seem to want him at all. And Grant finds himself falling for someone for the first time ever…

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