Loyalty and Deceit by Beanie Sigel & Juma Sampson

Loyalty and Deceit

By Beanie Sigel & Juma Sampson

  • Publication Date: 2018-02-20
  • Genre: African American

Book Summary

Known by his friends as T-Lova, Terry Maddox is an intelligent and crafty individual who is determined to rise to the top of the underground drug trade along with his best friend Jihad, and their crew. Mack is an ambitious, yet ruthless hustler who runs South Philly with his partner Shawn. Detectives Todd and Latrice Reed are siblings who are hell bent on solving a slew of murders in hopes that it will prevent more casualties, and bring the killers to justice. Marty Frankel is a high powered commodities trader who loses everything of value in his life due to his loyalty. He now faces an uphill battle to regain his stature as well as seek a calculating revenge for the man responsible for his falter. Whether it's a war against rival drug dealers, a war for justice, or a war to gain a position of power, they are all fully engaged. What will happen when their lives collide?From the unforgiving inner city streets of Syracuse, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the prominence of Manhattan, this is a war for power like you've never seen it.

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