Craving My Stepbrother by Ruby Ranchesto

Craving My Stepbrother

By Ruby Ranchesto

  • Publication Date: 2017-08-05
  • Genre: New Adult

Book Summary

Lucinda Spenser, Cindy to everyone who knows her, lost her father to suicide when she was eighteen.  The company he had built from scratch had been aggressively taken over and broken up by The Randolph Corporation and he had lost all the family’s wealth.  Within six months of his death, her mother married none other than the CEO of the controlling corporation, and Cindy found herself without a home because Clayton Randolph, Sr., the man she most hates, refused to take her in.   Forced to go to work instead of college, she ends up working as a stewardess for private charters.  She vows to exact revenge, and at twenty-four, she finally gets her chance when his son, Clayton Jr. books a two-week charter on the yacht she has been working on for six weeks.  Despite the attraction she feels for the handsome, quiet, cultured younger man, Cindy remains determined to inflict punishment on Clay for his father’s sins, though she doesn’t quite know what she can do to ruin him.  Inevitably, the sparks fly between them, and when Clay saves her life, not once but twice, Cindy must decide whether she will stick to her plan of revenge or embrace her newfound love for Clay.

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