Submit by Bailey Bradford


By Bailey Bradford

  • Publication Date: 2017-12-12
  • Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Summary

Larry didn’t think he was made for happy-ever-afters, until one Dom changed his mind.

Larry likes to keep his BDSM and sex separate. He has his reasons and he doesn’t have to explain them to anyone else. Though he has a friend in another sub, Hank, no one knows Larry—maybe not even Larry himself.

Life takes twists and turns one can never predict. When one of those twists turns out to be a Dom Larry is attracted to, Larry’s secretive life and hidden desires threaten to come bubbling to the surface.

But for that to happen, he’ll have to learn to trust someone.

Bo Olsteen always wears his leather hood when he’s at the club. He likes to keep a firm line drawn between the Dom and the man outside of BDSM.

He hasn’t gotten laid or had a scene with a sub in far too long to admit. No one has caught his attention until he sees one blond man with boundaries all over the place and a chip on his shoulder at the BDSM club in Ravon.

Two men, neither of them expecting the connection that bursts to life between them, are about to learn the power in true submission.

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