The Invitation by Roxy Sloane

The Invitation

By Roxy Sloane

  • Publication Date: 2017-12-28
  • Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Summary

Welcome to your wildest fantasy...
The invitation arrives out of nowhere. No name. No address. Just one simple challenge.
'Play with me.' 
The games are intoxicating, each one more thrilling than the last. And pleasure is the ultimate prize.
He knows my secrets. He sees my darkest desires. He can drive me to ecstasy -- and I don't even know his name.
This is your invitation. Now it's your turn to decide.
Are you ready? 

The Seduction Series:
1. The Seduction
2. The Bargain
3. The Invitation
4. The Release
5. The Submission
6. The Secret
7. The Expose 
8. The Reveal

The Kingpin Duet:
1. Kingpin
2. His Queen

Explicit: A Standalone Romance

The Temptation Series:
1. Tempt Me (2018)
2. Tease Me (2018)

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