Maestro by Roger Nierenberg


By Roger Nierenberg

  • Publication Date: 2009-10-15
  • Genre: Management & Leadership

Book Summary

A conductor reveals powerful leadership lessons by explaining the inner workings of a symphony orchestra

Roger Nierenberg, a veteran conductor, is the creator of The Music Paradigm, a unique program that invites people to sit INSIDE a professional symphony orchestra as the musicians and conductor solve problems together.

He captures that experience in Maestro: A Surprising Story about Leading by Listening, a parable about a rising executive tough challenges. The narrator befriends an orchestra conductor and is inspired to think about leadership and communication in an entirely new way.

For instance:

• A maestro doesn't micromanage, but encourages others to develop their own solutions. There's a big difference between conducting and trying to play all the instruments.

• A maestro helps people feel ownership of the whole piece, not just their individual parts.

• A maestro leads by listening. When people sense genuine open-mindedness, they offer more of their talent. If not, they get defensive and hold back their best ideas.

• Truly great leaders, whether conductors striving for perfect harmony or CEOs reaching for excellence, act with a vision of their organization at its best.

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From the Hardcover edition.

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