The Last Oracle by James Rollins

The Last Oracle

By James Rollins

  • Publication Date: 2009-10-13
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 244 Ratings)

Book Summary

In Washington, D.C., a homeless man takes an assassin's bullet and dies in Commander Gray Pierce's arms. A bloody coin clutched in the dead man's hand—an ancient relic that can be traced back to the Greek Oracle of Delphi—is the key to a conspiracy that dates back to the Cold War and threatens the very foundation of humanity. For what if it were possible to bioengineer the next great prophet—a new Buddha, Muhammad, or even Jesus? Would this Second Coming be a boon . . . or would it initiate a chain reaction that would result in the extinction of humankind?

Vital seconds are ticking rapidly away as Pierce races across the globe in search of answers, one step ahead of ruthless killers determined to reclaim the priceless artifact. Suddenly the future of all things is balanced on the brink between heaven and hell—and salvation or destruction rests in the hands of remarkable children.

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Book Opinions

  • Tears flow

    By Jackieo33
    I was taken aback by my reaction to the first ending of this story, then shocked at the true ending. Rollins always surprises and entertains. Pretty much exhausting at times but always worth the read. On to the next!!!
  • Interesting, but...

    By Speed racer82
    I loved the Indiana Jones meets Professor Langdon characters in this book. I thought it kept my interest threw out it. I only gave it four starts though because, I felt it had a somewhat disappointing ending.... He left it open (yes, I know it's a series of books). Thought it would of had a better ending then it did I would recommend this book to anyone....
  • Rambling drone of a story

    By Txhntr
    James Rollins has a habit of boring us to death with too much setup and too much technical detail. I have read all the Sigma series up to this episode. While some of the stories have been stronger than others, this one by far was the worst. This story is comprised of so much filler by way of technical jargon, side stories that go nowhere, and far too little action that you actually have to try to remember what the story line is as you proceed through the novel. I would recommend skipping this one.
  • The Last Oracle

    By 28Burn
    This book, and three other Rollins downloads, was missing whole chapters of text. Impossible to read.
  • Last Oracle

    By Nimina
    Very interesting. Concept is compelling. Action is fantastic.
  • The last oracle

    By Vinhimself
    If you've read more than one books from this author, you already know the pace of the story. It is very hard to drop the book as the suspense will keep turning pages after pages. I personally really enjoy this one.