Consciousness Beyond Life by Pim van Lommel

Consciousness Beyond Life

By Pim van Lommel

  • Publication Date: 2010-06-08
  • Genre: Spirituality
4 Score: 4 (From 58 Ratings)

Book Summary

In Consciousness Beyond Life, the internationally renowned cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel offers ground-breaking research into whether or not our consciousness survives the death of our body. If you enjoy books about near-death experiences, such as those by Raymond Moody, Jeffrey Long, and James Van Praagh; watch televisions shows like Ghosthunters, Touched by an Angel, and Ghost Whisperer; or are interested in works that explore the intersection of faith and science, such as Spiritual Brain, Signature in the Cell, and When Science Meets Religion; you’ll find much to ponder in Consciousness Beyond Life.

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Book Opinions

  • Truly comprehensive and worthy of being widely read

    By Property location
    This book opens up and discusses in extreme depth our understanding of what it means to be aware. Given recent breakthroughs in quantum theory, the very substance of ourselves lends credence to states we cannot reject, e.g., what is conscience.
  • A must for every physician

    By RossyTV
    This book has to be made mandatory in medical schools