A New Dawn by Ellen Hopkins

A New Dawn

By Ellen Hopkins

  • Publication Date: 2009-11-01
  • Genre: Fantasy
3 Score: 3 (From 58 Ratings)

Book Summary

Fans of the literary phenomenon known as the Twilight series can’t help wanting more. A New Dawn gives it to them, inviting readers to join some of their favorite YA authors as they look at the series with fresh eyes and fall in love with Edward, Bella and the rest of Forks, Wash., all over again.

Edited by bestselling author Ellen Hopkins, A New Dawn is packed with the same debates readers engage in with friends: Should Bella have chosen Edward or Jacob? How much control do Meyer’s vampires and werewolves really have over their own lives? The collection also goes further: Is Edward a romantic or a (really hot) sociopath? How do the Quileute werewolves compare to other Native American wolf myths? What does the Twilight series have in common with Shakespeare? With contributions from Megan McCafferty, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Caine and many more, A New Dawn answers these questions and more for a teen (and adult!) audience hungry for clever, view-changing commentary on their favorite series.

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Book Opinions

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    By Madison:)13
    Thought it would be about the series.... Disappointed:p ugh! I wish she would write like a book after everything was said and done! I would buy it! Heck millions would buy it..............just sayin:(