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Book Opinions

  • A Journey Home

    By davidsumnernyc
    A beautiful heart-felt love letter to her family and Africa, both the center of Fuller’s soul. And that alone would recommend this book, but read more slowly, a pain and sadness begins to percolate up from the cracks exploding, at times, with the searing truth. that War and abuse -one in the same- scar deep. I suppose that books resonate for many reasons, but in this case, Fuller’s childhood filled with unbridled love for her home amidst chaos, land mines, insanity, war, and death seems eerily similar to any childhood filled with emotional land mines. For many, her words will resonate.
  • Honest and Well-crafted

    By maddiegrace28
    This was an astonishingly honest telling of a true childhood in Africa told with a unique and compelling voice. Fuller's words artfully capture meaning in remarkable ways, painting a picture of a country torn by war, racism, and the suffering of a tough land. It was very personal, very human, and very moving. I HIGHLY recommend this read.