Killer Clothes by Anna Maria Clement & Brian Clement

Killer Clothes

By Anna Maria Clement & Brian Clement

  • Publication Date: 2011-02-10
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

Book Summary

Buyers Beware and Be-Aware. KILLER CLOTHES brings to our attention the numerous chemicals and additives–interwoven into the fabrics we wear–that can endanger our health. Well-researched and completely verified by medical studies, authors Dr. Anna Maria Clement and her husband, Dr. Brian Clement, document the rise in health problems that has paralleled the increased use of synthetic clothing fibers. For parents and the chemically sensitive, this information is essential. Clothing that contain flame retardants, stain-resistant, anti-wrinkle, and antimicrobial properties to name a few are all cause for concern. The switch to man-made fibers from cotton, wool, and silk over the last sixty years has been associated with an increase in fertility problems, respiratory disease, contact dermatitis, and cancer. Once purchased, chemicals used in cleaning garments are also risk factors. Information brought to the attention of all consumers include what fabrics and chemicals to watch for when selecting clothing, the environmental impact from chemicals in clothing and furniture, and the health risks posed by wearing close-fitting or tight clothing and shoes along with tips for ecological and health-friendly cleaning. In the same way that the cosmetic and fragrance industries have come under scrutiny, the clothing industry must also be held accountable. As a culture, this title helps us re-evaluate and re-consider the true price of fashion and convenience.

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