A Princely Dilemma by Elizabeth Rolls

A Princely Dilemma

By Elizabeth Rolls

  • Publication Date: 2011-04-01
  • Genre: Historical

Book Summary

George, Prince of Wales (future Prince Regent/George IV) and Princess Caroline of Brunswick, 1795

George, Prince of Wales, with his mistress in tow, only lays eyes on Princess Caroline of Brunswick three days before their wedding, and his resentment is palpable. Christopher, Duke of Severn, knows all about arranged marriages—his new wife's fortune is the reason plain Linnet is wearing his ring!

Severn and Linnet must persuade the spoilt princeling and his soon-to-be bride that a paper marriage can become something more. But in trying to convince the royal couple, a tantalizing spark ignites between the duke and his convenient duchess...

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