How To Build Confidence and Self-Esteem by Richard Richardson

How To Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

By Richard Richardson

  • Publication Date: 2011-06-01
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
2.5 Score: 2.5 (From 15 Ratings)

Book Summary

In this book you’ll discover: - That you really can change your life for the better…and do it virtually without any struggle or pain. - You can act boldly and decisively every day, moving towards creating the life that YOU want…not what you’re settling for. - What allows some people, the elite 10% of the population, to live the life of their dreams and not just settle for the “status quo” But first, here is what it doesn’t take to be successful and have everything you want in life: - You don’t have to be born into a privileged family - You don’t need tons of money - You don’t need an expensive education - You don’t need anything other than this one important trait… The secret to virtually all success, in all areas of life is SELF-CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence allows you to see the life you want…and determine how you’re going to get there…and persist until you achieve that goal. The Good News Is: You Can Create Unstoppable Self-Confidence Even if you don’t have it now! There are many benefits to having self confidence. Would you be interested in having any of these? - You will speak will authority and presence. - You will relate to fear and anxiety as a challenge not as a prison. - You will be self-assured and feel comfortable in any surroundings. - You will be able to hold a conversation with anyone, anytime and feel totally in control and natural. - You will feel a deep inner sense of knowing, that you are finally acting in line with your own chosen values. - You will be naturally called to take bold action - it won’t be forced - because of this you’ll achieve more with less effort! As it turns out developing self confidence is not complicated once you know a few basics. In fact, it's way easier than “working hard” to achieve your goals. And you won't need to know a lot of “self help” stuff either. This book covers the few key principles, tricks and tactics that can make you TEN TIMES more confident once you know them. Here's just some of what's inside: - How to look at your life and determine with laser-like accuracy exactly what it is that is holding you back from having unstoppable self confidence and success in all areas of your life - The number one difference between the greatest people in history and the “happy, average herd” - How to NOT struggle against yourself and still achieve everything you want to in life, including greater self confidence - The number one reason 90% of people who try “goal setting” can’t make it work… and how you can be one of the elite 10% who succeeds by using this secret - The 3 “personal power factors” you must master that allow you to achieve virtually any goal you want - Why you’re not actually lacking “enthusiasm” to achieve your goals… but you’re simply missing these two key principles - How to overcome fear and worry the quick and easy way - How to create affirmations that REALLY work: if you’ve ever tried affirmations with no success before you’re probably missing one of these key 8 guidelines - The 3 key factors to be more decisive and self-confident in everything you do in life - How to use newly discovered “brain science” to rewire your brain for automatic success in all areas of your life - Plus much, much more! This just scratches the surface of what's in the book. It gives everything you need to start creating the life you want, effortlessly, by increasing your self confidence. What are you waiting for? ...Your satisfying new life with new confidence and successes are waiting for you today!

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Book Opinions

  • No way would I recommend this book to anyone.

    By JimmyG435
    Spelling, word use and grammar were ridiculous. On average I'd say at least three to four errors. Not only was it distracting, but made it more difficult to grasp what the author was trying to convey in a very vague way. The only recommendation I have about this book is for Apple, do us all a favor and remove it from your store.
  • spellcheck please

    By Tennischik64
    This book tries to convey specific strategies but really only offers common sense approaches to a challenging subject. Plus,the errors in the copy were ridiculous.
  • Distracting!

    By icash13
    Very distracting to read as almost every page has one or more spelling and / or grammatical errors. No one made the slightest attempt to proof read - several sentences make no sense at all due to so many errors. My "guess" is this was written in a language other than English and was run through a translator program and then sent to printing. Publisher should be embarrassed to have this on the market! Despite the numerous errors - I read the book on long plane flight - substance I'd also give one star.