Occupy Your Future by Mike Monahan

Occupy Your Future

By Mike Monahan

  • Publication Date: 2011-11-16
  • Genre: Self-Improvement

Book Summary

Who is in charge of your future? Your boss, your spouse, Wall Street, the government? They are in-charge of your future only if you hand over your power.

The truth is that YOU are in-charge of your life. And it’s time to occupy your own future.

Occupy Your Future is more than an ebook. It’s a call to action. It’s your own personal road map to success.

In Occupy Your Future, author Mike Monahan builds on the personal leadership concepts he brilliantly conveyed in his #1 Inc. magazine bestseller, "From the Jungle to the Boardroom."

The concept is simple: You are responsible for how you think, feel and act. You are responsible to others, to love, encourage and support. You are not responsible for others. And they aren’t responsible for you!

This ebook focuses on what you can do to take charge in the seven key areas of life: health, prosperity, education, relationships, spirit, career and time. Through personal responsibility, you’ll be in charge of your own life.

Mike details steps for you to connect the dots in your life with honesty, to be empowered, and to take new action in these seven key areas of your life. And you’ll see the concept of “blame” doesn’t fit anywhere in the success equation!

Read this ebook. Take action in the direction of your dreams. Occupy your future!

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