The Ruling Class by Angelo M. Codevilla & Rush Limbaugh

The Ruling Class

By Angelo M. Codevilla & Rush Limbaugh

  • Publication Date: 2010-09-12
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 14 Ratings)

Book Summary

In this profound and incisive work, Angelo M. Codevilla introduces readers to the Ruling Class, the group of bipartisan political elites who run America. This Ruling Class, educated at prestigious universities and convinced of its own superiority, has everything to gain by raising taxes and expanding the reach of government. This class maintains that it knows what is best and continually increases its power over every facet of American life, from family and marriage to the environment, guns, and God.It is becoming increasingly apparent that this Ruling Class does not represent the interests of the majority of Americans, who value self-rule and the freedom on whose promise America was founded. Millions of Americans are now reasserting our right to obey the Constitution, not the Ruling Class. This desire transcends all organizations and joins independents, Republicans, and Democrats into The Country Party, whose members embody the ideas and habits that made America great. The majority of Americans feel that the Ruling Class is demeaning us, impoverishing us, demoralizing us, and want to be rid of it.

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Book Opinions

  • Insightful and Informative Reading!

    By ChuckInFlorida
    This is truly a great read and chocked full of usefuland factual information for all Americans, well at least those who still have a modicum of love for the United States of America. BTW, I believe the first reviewer misspelled his name.
  • Bueno Excellente..!

    By jkcomics
    This is an excellent book. It should be required reading for all Americans.

    By Siz-04
    This book is awful. I bought it in the Miami airport yesterday on a layover, looking for some insightful factual literature pertaining to today's society. Boy was this book a mistake, it isn't even written intelligently. It's only saving grace is that it has the Declaration of Independence as well as the constitution printed in the back, otherwise it isn't worth it's weight in lead.