Occupy Wall Street by David Hodgson Dennis

Occupy Wall Street

By David Hodgson Dennis

  • Publication Date: 2011-12-06
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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Book Summary

Occupy Wall Street
Romance to Reality

 Wall Street (OWS) is an ongoing series of demonstrations initiated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters which began September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district. 

The protests are against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption, and the undue influence of corporations—particularly from the financial services sector—on government. 

The protesters' slogan We are the 99% refers to the growing difference in wealth in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population.

At 1:00am on November 15, 2011, the police swept away the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.  The dreams of many died that day, a powerful way of life swept mercilessly under bulldozers hired by the cops.  But for others, it brought the sweet relief of peace and quiet back to their neighborhood.

Occupy Wall Street Romance to Reality attempts to provide a balanced perspective of Occupy Wall Street, from its beginning as an Adbusters project to its eviction from the park.  

The book lets protestors and opponents alike speak through their meetings, editorials  and contemporary press accounts.  It is extensively footnoted so that you can trace everything said to its source.  

More than anything, I am fascinated by the Occupiers’ struggle to make a better, cleaner system of living within their encampment as they battle with the cops, their environment and – most dangerously –themselves.

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    Excellent prospective!
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    By TriviaBuff
    Great read.