Music Copyright Law by David J. Moser

Music Copyright Law

By David J. Moser

  • Publication Date: 2011-11-08
  • Genre: Music

Book Summary

Logic Pro 9 is an industry leader, featuring a comprehensive selection of software synthesizers that allow you to create almost any sound you can conceive of. But the sheer number of options can be overwhelming--even expert synthesizer users need a guide to appreciate the full power of Logic's synths. That's where USING LOGIC PRO'S SYNTHESIZERS comes in. First, you'll master the simple synthesizers, which will make the essential components of synthesis clear to you. Then, you'll build on that knowledge to learn how to use the more complex synths. In addition, you'll learn about hidden capabilities in the various synths. All the while, you'll be listening to the sounds you create, further cementing the principles of synthesis in your mind. By the time you finish this book, you'll be able to approach almost any synthesizer you encounter with confidence and ease. Synthesis will be demystified!

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