The Pelican Fables by Ian Grey

The Pelican Fables

By Ian Grey

  • Publication Date: 2006-08-30
  • Genre: Gay

Book Summary

A modern day gay Lolita, The Pelican Fables is a poetic and provocatively written coming-of-age story that confronts the burgeoning sexuality of a young man in his last year of prep school. Adam Proffit is torn apart by his longstanding, highly concealed crush on his roommate of two years, Kellum Thurman, and the newly arrived faculty member, Carter Moran, whom Adam believes may share his attraction. But within the conservatively charged atmosphere of the Melbourne School, acting upon any of his sexual impulses presents a dangerous proposition that could jeopardize Adam's existence at Melbourne and destroy the future for which he has worked so long and hard. But keeping his feelings hidden poses perhaps an even graver and more devastating challenge. Adam must either come to terms with his sexuality or find the emerging self within him destroyed. Uplifting and surprising, The Pelican Fables will keep you wondering until the very last page.

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