Integration by Jonathan Waggoner


By Jonathan Waggoner

  • Publication Date: 2012-02-29
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Summary

Manny López never expected to discover that his distinctive physical characteristics would yield him anything more than isolation, ridicule, and incessant resentment… No, never once did he consider that he might one day talk to a kinkajou, argue with an otter, or even go head to head with a venomous monkey. Certainly not. His hopes for his eighth grade class trip lay marred in darkness, alongside whatever aspirations he had left for his future education—until a slip led to a chance meeting, and even further, to a forest of light…

The Starlight Chronicles begin in Costa Rica where 14-year-old Manny López discovers that he is a Lumen—an individual capable of bending light through the art of photokinesis. Manny's primary concern after discovering his Lumen identity is that of convincing his parents to allow him to pursue his education on a remote island known as Isla Verde, locked away in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. As the only child to a Salvadoran-American family of Arizona, United States, this task proves difficult, though not impossible, for Manny. Yet the very shadows of the island academy he deigns to attend lie in wait, ready to strike and cripple all they may. But how can Manny fight off a presence which he cannot catch, much less see?

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Book Opinions

  • Very Creative

    By plrfarmgirl
    An intelligent read from an author who has an extensive vocabulary and is quite descriptive. A well imagined world, colorful characters and the ever present struggle between light and dark make this read quite enchanting.
  • Interesting

    By Ellispoet
    Loved it