Kuan Yin Temple Oracle by Marina Lighthouse

Kuan Yin Temple Oracle

By Marina Lighthouse

  • Publication Date: 2012-06-15
  • Genre: Buddhism

Book Summary

In traditional Buddhist and Taoist temples, there exists the elegant flowing figure of the great Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. Bearing colorful, fragrant offerings of fruits and flowers, food and gifts the devoted come forth through a haze of incense, placing their offerings reverently before her. Under the Goddess’ benevolent gaze, worshipers seek her guidance as they draw from a container of 100 bamboo sticks. Each of these sticks represents an ancient verse celebrating the Goddess’ compassion, wisdom, and love. Collectively, they comprise The 100 Poem Oracle of Kuan Yin. 
Translated by Oxford doctorate, Professor Chris Wen-Chao Li of San Francisco State University, Kuan Yin Temple Oracle is the most direct and unaltered English translation of the oracle to date. The oracle opens with a very special introduction from H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche, supreme leader of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism at its fourth stage. It includes: divination techniques, mantras and meditations—presented by senior disciple, and internationally recognized Feng Shui professional, Marina Lighthouse. Kuan Yin Temple Oracle is an accessible, comprehensive guide for anyone seeking the timeless wisdom and inspiration from the Great Goddess of Compassion. 
An exquisite translation of ancient verse. If you're ready, ask a question and let your everyday mind touch the extraordinary.
—Katherine Metz, Feng Shui Teacher and Mentor in the Black Sect Tradition
Chronicler of Secrets within Secrets

The Kuan Yin Temple Oracles brilliantly modernize the rare and exclusive teachings of one of the most compassionate Goddesses in all the Universe! It gives you direct and privileged access to her infinite love and healing light, guiding you through times of uncertainty, fear and change!

—Nancy SantoPietro, Feng Shui Expert, Chakracologist & Author of Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of a Home.

Kuan Yin Temple Oracle is a gift of powerful wisdom. It unlocks the ancient portals to divination and sacred meditations that will transform your life—past, present and future.
—Deborah Gee, PBS TV Producer-Director 
Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success & Well-being

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