Feels So Right by Isabel Sharpe

Feels So Right

By Isabel Sharpe

  • Publication Date: 2012-10-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Summary

Therapy Notes:
Patient is in pain, uncommunicative.
Must work on acceptance of injury, as well as standard treatment for L4-L5 disc rupture.
Seriously sexy guy.
Must think unsexy thoughts…

Former triathlete Colin Russo is a physical therapist's nightmare. Sidelined—possibly for good—with an injury, he's angry, impatient and a serious pain in Demi Anderson's side. The worst part? The man is hotter than a heat wave in July, and it's all Demi can do to keep her hands from straying where they shouldn't!

But sex is forbidden between therapist and patient. Worse still, every professional stroke of Demi's hands makes the situation—and Colin—hotter. And with every touch, they're coming that much closer to giving in….

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