The Eye of God by James Rollins

The Eye of God

By James Rollins

  • Publication Date: 2013-06-25
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4 (From 560 Ratings)

Book Summary

In a masterwork of historical mystery and scientific exploration, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins reveals an apocalyptic vision of the day after tomorrow, of a future predicted by the distant past, of a world doomed to burn under The Eye of God

The crash of a U.S. military research satellite in the remote wilds of Mongolia triggers an explosive search for the valuable cargo it holds: a code-black physics project connected to the study of dark energy, the energy associated with the birth of our universe. But the last blurry image from the falling satellite captures a chilling sight: a frightening look into the future, a view of a smoldering eastern seaboard of the United States in utter ruin. At the Vatican, a mysterious package arrives for the head of Pontifical ancient studies, sent by a colleague who vanished a decade earlier. It contains two strange artifacts: a skull scrawled with ancient Aramaic and a tome bound in human skin. DNA testing reveals both are from Genghis Khan—the long-dead Mongol king whose undiscovered tomb is rumored to hold the vast treasures and knowledge of a lost ancient empire.

Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma—joined by a pair of Vatican historians—race to uncover a truth tied to the fall of the Roman Empire, to a mystery bound in the roots of Christianity's origins, and to a weapon hidden for centuries that holds the fate of humanity.

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Book Opinions

  • WOW

    By Ohyeahfun
    WOW ! What does two priests, Genghis KHan, Attila the Hun, North Korea and Special Ops have in common ? This book ! So much fun, action and adventure I can’t believe I haven’t been reading this Series. Awesome cast of characters with a mind blowing storyline will take you around the world and keep you keep you wAnting more. Incredible.
  • Eye of God

    By CassieFay21
    I am a fan of anything James Rollins. I can be dead tired after a long day of work, mom, wife, etc...; but if I open a James Rollins novel I get a second wind. Before I know it I have two hours to sleep before my day starts all over again. That's how captivating his stories are.
  • James rocks!

    By GB346
    Have read every one of his books and loved them all. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Good story, bad storyteller

    By The Parrothead
    Love the Sigma team. Really appreciate bring more of each character out every time. There is always depth and breadth in these stories that really grab your attention. I listen to these stories when I run, and appreciate the intrigue every time. But this narrator is terrible. I assumed they brought him on for his ability to speak the other languages in the story, but there has to be someone better. Timing is off, pauses are wrong, and too slow in his speech. Ugh. I have to rethink which stories I'll listen to vs read from now on.
  • Lots thrown into the mix

    By HookedOnNovels
    Rollins packs a lot into this story— speculative science, some supernatural, history (real and invented); I just wish the characters were more richly developed.
  • The best

    By Njelly
    This is by far the best book that Rollins has ever written. Excellent!
  • The eye of god

    By Wanda88888
    If u haven't read a James Rollins book yet, what r u waiting 4? His writing is always fast paced action, right up to the end, a page turner. He mixes in science & technology facts that blow your mind but u know it's really true. His books keep getting better & better, I just can't wait for someone to make one into a movie!
  • My first

    By Tsiahm12
    While waiting in line I just happen to pick up this book and it intrigued me from the very beginning I brought it on my IPad read it over the weekend and Loved it, I am going to add the paper edition to my collection.
  • Great Book

    By Stiner.777
    This book was amazing. The theories posed is this book makes you think about could have been. Also, it was to see some new characters with unique talents. Finally, it was sad to see two of the character that I grew to love in the previous book die in this one. You will grieve with the rest of sigma force fans after reading this book.
  • The eye of God

    By Pappers72
    See previous review. Ray Maxwell