A New Creature Recently by Jean Walbridge

A New Creature Recently

By Jean Walbridge

  • Publication Date: 2012-10-10
  • Genre: Family & Relationships

Book Summary

"A New Creature Recently," title of the new book on parenting adolescents by Jean Walbridge, LCSW, is taken from a letter to Ms. Walbridge's web site, ParentingAdolescents.com, from a parent who complains that her 13-year-old has "changed into a new creature recently." The author, a clinical social worker, parent, and former teacher with years of experience in working with teens and their families, takes parents like that letter-writer (and anyone else who lives or works with teens) by the hand and leads them down the path to understanding the teenager's or preteen's mind and behavior. Organized into sections on Separation/Autonomy, Exploring Identity, Respecting Their Privacy, Setting Limits, and Seeking Help When Needed, the book is full of anecdotes taken from the author's own parenting experiences (she has two grown daughters and a grandson), which make the text lively and personal. Each section is introduced with a quotation from a letter written to the author at ParentingAdolescents.com by a bewildered or desperate parent or teen. The excerpts from these letters give us the authentic voices of people who are traversing this wilderness of adolescence as parent or as child; some of these voices make us laugh, some cry. They are all interesting and worth hearing, like the book itself. If you have a teenager at your house, buy this book. Drugs & alcohol, attitude, chores, academic performance, driving, lying, weird behavior, withdrawal, when to worry..."A New Creature Recently" is chock full of ingredients! And because it is published electronically, the reader can use the Search or Find function on his or her device to be taken instantly to any topic of interest.

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