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Book Opinions

  • Benjamin button

    By pippimanson
    Definitely a classic, a quick easy read well worth the effort. Scots Fitzgerald’s book is a lil more melancholy than the movie brad pit star’ed In but it’s wonderful in all its simplicity
  • Bored? Read this!

    By Megandyson
    Very nice and sweet short story! There are parts that were kind of sad but overall this book is very short and would be a great read while trying to kill some time.
  • Gatsby reviews bro!!

    By Customer 300
    The book was undeniably good. Such a unique tale told by none other than Fitzgerald himself. Litttttt!!!!!!!!!
  • Rewind

    By ROCK ON 🤘
    It was a very weird book I liked it though it went to a lot of detail which was cool I would read this book again just for the fun of it
  • Wow

    By SarahEverson
    What an excellent little book. The descriptive writing evokes pictures and pulls on the heartstrings. I enjoyed the book more than the movie, Brad Pitt notwithstanding. Bravo, Mr. Fitzgerald.
  • One of the best short stories ever written

    By Long legion
    I liked it better; it spoke to me on a deeper level than when I first read it 40 years ago. I seemed to relate it to the heartbreaking scourge of Alzheimer's. I saw the movie not too long ago and that was a wonderfully "in depth" portrayal of the story!
  • Swag

    By C001k1d
    Yo dis book 2 gucci
  • It's no Breakfast At Tiffany's

    By Bellicoseandra
    It shows you at the end how everything you cared about in life, what you thought important, does not matter at all. 'Cause no matter which way you go, we die, and that we all go through and feel the same things when we live.
  • excellent

    By nubx
    although i started the book way after I watched the movie, it totally surprised me. the book was not at all alike, it is totally concentrated on him telling his story rather than creating a romance out of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the difference in perspective and read the book to end in enjoyment
  • Curious is the word

    By Dumbginge
    F. Scott Fitzgerald being known for his dark outlook on life delivers a fantastic story to practical minds. Fitzgerald writes the book as if he lived it. There is no hint at this tale being merely conceptual. It may as we'll be a true story of a man who only grew younger. It is a truly genius piece of authentic art. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button carries no constant mood outside of making the reader curious. It's funny, as soon as you start the book, you know for sure how it will end, but you keep reading. Why is that? Everything in this story is intriguing from the title to the number of pages. The title gives away that this is not your ordinary short story. The story itself starts on day 1 of a the life of Benjamin Button, but, as you know, the story actually works it's way back down to day 1. The reader will find feat interest in watching the decrease of character in Benjamin Button along with the fluctuation of character of those who surround poor Benjamin. The book spans years and events so fast, you may think to your self that you are watching life on fast forward, whereas you are watching life as it is. Like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, life goes by in a blink of an eye. What do we do? We live life as Button did. We just live. And what is more intriguing than living life? Overall, this book goes highly recommended by everyone I know who has read it and it goes highly recommended by myself to everyone.