Dolphin Child by James Carmody

Dolphin Child

By James Carmody

  • Publication Date: 2013-01-29
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 31 Ratings)

Book Summary

‘The Girl Who Dreamt Of Dolphins’ is the first book in the Dolphin Child trilogy about Lucy Parr and Spirit. ‘Dolphin Child’ is the second. A few months after she saves Spirit's life, Lucy is surprised but grateful that her father allows her to stay with her aunt Bethany down in Cornwall during the summer holidays. She is able to spend real time with Spirit who, like her, is learning to overcome the loss of his own mother.

Observed one morning by a strange boy while Lucy swims with dolphins, she spots him later the same day being bullied by a group of local kids. When Paul tells Lucy he knows about a dolphin trapped in a secret lagoon, she doesn’t know whether to believe him, but her recurring dream of lonely dolphin trapped in murky waters troubles her.

When Lucy discovers the disturbing story of an eighteen-century Dolphin Child called Susan Penhaligon, Lucy begins to understand why Paul’s mother is so unfriendly to her. At the same time Spirit’s discovery of a pod with human names makes him wonder what really happened to the children that Susan Penhaligon led out to sea that day.

Lucy and Paul become joined in their quest to save the lone dolphin in the lagoon. Will Paul’s desire to escape the local bullies and to become a Dolphin Child too lead to a tragic repetition of Susan Penhaligon’s fate? What is the link between the trapped dolphin and Spirit? Read this compelling adventure to find out.

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