Facets of Faith by W. Paul Jones

Facets of Faith

By W. Paul Jones

  • Publication Date: 2003-05-25
  • Genre: Christianity

Book Summary

Christians believe that no aspect of life is untouched by the dazzling power of Jesus’ resurrection. Like the facets of a fine jewel, the various aspects of Christian spirituality each reveal a glimmer of glory and light. In this timely and highly readable book, popular author W. Paul Jones mines his deep knowledge of scripture, history, and tradition, as well as his experience as a husband and father, a Methodist pastor, and now a hermit in the Roman Catholic church to give us a practical handbook of faith and spirituality. Covering topics as diverse as worship and imagination, failure and forgiveness, work and sex, aging and death, Jones reminds us that our lives and the things to which we aspire and with which we struggle find their true perspective when viewed as facets of our life with and in God, grounded in the inner practice of prayer, and expressed in the daily living of that reality.

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