Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks by Pariah S. Burke

Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

By Pariah S. Burke

  • Publication Date: 2013-02-27
  • Genre: Computers

Book Summary

Often referred to as "children's ebooks," "picture ebooks," "photo books," and similar monikers, fixed-layout ebooks are visually-rich layouts that offer much more than standard EPUB and KF8 format ebooks for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and more. 

Fixed-layout ebooks behave very much like PDFs or even digital magazines, displaying the design, typography, and page geometry exactly as designed on all devices. This specialty type of ebook tends to be very reliant on imagery, either or both as inline graphics or page background images, and sometimes even as spread-spanning images. They support advanced typographic control and pixel-precise layout, and they can contain read-a-long, on-demand, or ambient audio. Limited interactivity may also be achieved through JavaScript integration. Objects can be placed anywhere on the page, aligned relative to one another, with absolute precision, and type control goes far beyond standard, flowable EPUB in the forms of support for any font (with embedding), accurate line wrapping, hyphenation, leading control, tracking (letter spacing), and even multiple columns. Fixed-layout EPUBs may have real sidebars, note or tip boxes, and live text image captions. And, like flowable EPUBs, all the text—even in such special features—is searchable, live text.

All of these features make fixed-layout ebooks ideal for such projects as children’s books, cookbooks, travel journals, photography and design books, game guides, and any other project where page presentation is important to reader experience and sales.

ePublishing with InDesign: Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks will teach you:
Understanding Fixed-Layout eBooks
Planning a Fixed-Layout eBook
Creating Fixed-Layout in InDesign
Adapting the HTML
Editing the CSS
Adding Advanced Features
Creating Read Aloud Narration
Creating Fixed-Layout for Kindle
Converting Fixed-Layout for Nook
Creating Fixed-Layout for Sony Reader
Creating Fixed-Layout for Kobo
Other Fixed-Layout Creation Tools

Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks by Pariah S. Burke is a companion to ePublishing with InDesign CS6 by Pariah S. Burke (ISBN: 9781118305591, Dec. 2012, Sybex), which is a prerequisite title, and is part of the ePublishing with InDesign series of books, videos, and instructor materials.

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Book Opinions

  • Out of date.

    By cendrick1
    I was expecting this to have been updated since 2 years ago…sadly it speaks to outdated methods. I would not suggest buying.