Tangents by Julian M. Miles


By Julian M. Miles

  • Publication Date: 2013-03-28
  • Genre: Short Stories

Book Summary

There are as many possible futures for mankind as there are people and organisations prepared to spend anywhere from an evening to several years thinking about them.
The catastrophes that are predicted for our climate, our financial markets and our freedoms are a feature of our lives. Optimism and hope can also be found in sufficient quantity to counterbalance the forecasts of doom, whilst being sadly under-reported in mainstream media.
Within this book you will find seventy views of where humanity and its inventiveness could go, what it could be, or how it could fail. Be they tales of the end, tales of new beginnings or tales of day-to-day living in places far removed from today, this volume provides a gamut of possibilities for your consideration.
Using the flash fiction format, originally attributed to Hemingway and gaining popularity as a medium for visceral storytelling in a minimum of words, interspersed with short fiction pieces, this collection will take you as far from today as you care to go, visiting places of wonder, poignance or fear on your journey.
Entertaining and thought-provoking stories that can be read individually or savoured in larger quantities as your leisure time dictates.

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