Rainbow Fire by Emilie Richards

Rainbow Fire

By Emilie Richards

  • Publication Date: 2013-07-17
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Summary

Over the rainbow to Oz
In the dusty Australian outback, a priceless treasure lies under ancient silt stone and sand: opals that gleam with rainbow fire and spark greed and betrayal in the hearts of men.
Kelsey Donovan doesn't care about opal. She arrives in Coober Pedy to look for a different treasure, the precious jewels of family and belonging. But when Kelsey finds Jake Donovan, the father she's never known, she is almost too late. Jake is in a coma, hovering between life and death after a mysterious cave-in at the Rainbow Fire mine that he owns with a stranger named Dillon Ward.
And who better to benefit from Jake's death than his partner?
What can Kelsey do for the father whose love she's always craved except safeguard what belongs to him? She sets out to protect the Rainbow Fire from Dillon himself, and to discover the truth behind her father's accident.
Sometimes though, the most precious of treasures isn't found in mines or in rewriting a difficult past, a painful lesson Kelsey learns almost too late.
After all her struggles, could the greatest of treasures be standing right in front of her?

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