Maelstrom by Don Pendleton


By Don Pendleton

  • Publication Date: 2014-01-15
  • Genre: Action & Adventure

Book Summary


Bound by loyalty and patriotism, the men and women of Stony Man don't think of themselves as heroes, just dedicated Americans willing to do whatever it takes to protect the inalienable rights of freedom and justice. No matter how difficult the mission, how fierce or dangerous the enemy, the cyber team and battle-hardened warriors of America's most sophisticated, action-ready defense unit are willing to sacrifice everything in the name of duty, honor and country.


An advanced weapon prototype is hijacked by an unidentified group of mercenaries and followed by a wave of massacres in the streets of America's cities. The torch of anarchy and hatred has been lit, and waves of destruction have begun to spread across the globe. A crisis has erupted as angry radicals are poised to become deadly freedom fighters so powerful that not even the superpowers can oppose them. Stony Man's only chance…America's only chance…is to strike first, strike hard, strike now…

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