Five O'Clock Somewhere by KJ Black

Five O'Clock Somewhere

By KJ Black

  • Publication Date: 2014-07-07
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers

Book Summary

Daniel Tolliver just got engaged. His beautiful fiancee, Liz is everything he could ever want in a woman. With her at his side, Dan sees a bright future for himself as a junior corporate attorney. Liz knows all the right people and his future success seems assured.
Too soon, Dan discovers Liz comes with a warning label, one he chooses to ignore. What starts out as a vacation of a lifetime, one meant to make lasting memories, turns deadly when Liz goes missing in beautiful Key West, Florida. Dan is overnight thrust into a no-win situation, dealing with uncooperative law enforcement and a cloud of suspicion on himself after she vanishes.
Pursued by a vengeful drug lord and dirty Federal agents, Dan has to find a way out of the horrible situation he finds himself in. He finds out all he believed was a lie.Now the drug lord is after him, wanting his missing millions back. His Liz had secrets before she disappeared. Those secrets are coming for him now.
With time running out and nothing else to lose, Dan decides he has to find Liz if she still lives, or run the rest of his life.
With the help of a surly Latin veteran cop and a smart-mouthed barmaid named, Genie, Dan pursues the woman he once loved to Key West, trying to find her before those who are after her do.
But Liz isn't who Dan thinks she is. She's far worse than he can ever imagine, making him question everything he ever believed about himself.
Only one thing is sure, it's Five O'Clock Somewhere.

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