A Long Spoon by Jonathan L. Howard

A Long Spoon

By Jonathan L. Howard

  • Publication Date: 2014-12-17
  • Genre: Horror
5 Score: 5 (From 16 Ratings)

Book Summary

You may have heard of Johannes Cabal; he is a necromancer and a little infamous. He is also very sensitive to attempts on his life. When a murder of crows tries to... well, murder him, and the contents of his bath are transmuted into hot nitric acid, he suspects someone may mean him harm. The trail leads to one of the less travelled parts of Hell itself, and there Cabal will need a guide.

As Dante had his Virgil, so Cabal employs the services of a devil who is a monster, a predator, and -- most alien of all to Cabal -- a woman. The devil Zarenyia and he delve deep into Hell, even into Satan's greatest mistake, to confront challenges quite outside the ken of any mortal. But one should always use a long spoon when supping with a devil, and Cabal soon realises the unthinkable, a horror beyond his experience. He is actually beginning to like her.

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Book Opinions

  • Loved it !

    By Sheeyit6686
    Johannes Cabal is a great character and once you get to know him you will want anything he is involved with. I got this book with a couple others as a group some where else that begins with A for audiobooks there they had it grouped with all the other short stories. The writing is excellent and smart, the narration is done very well. This is a decent buy for the price and kept me entertained for a short while. Don't miss out on the full novels , if you've read the novels don't miss out on the short stories. For a while I couldn't get my hands on the short stories in a gentlemans fashion, but my patience paid off and i got all of them at once. By the way there are some linking things from these to the novels try and find them.
  • I want more!

    By Milhouse77BS
    I thought it was the start of a novel. Would love to read more adventures with these two.