The Specialist by Dani Sinclair

The Specialist

By Dani Sinclair

  • Publication Date: 2014-10-15
  • Genre: Suspense

Book Summary

By day, these agents are cowboys: by night they are specialized government operatives. Men bound by love, loyalty and the law—they've vowed to keep their missions and identities confidential….


Going undercover in a powerful criminal's organization was Texas Confidential agent Rafe Alvarez's specialty, but he'd never had a partner before. And never one like Kendra Kincaide. He'd transformed the mousy woman into a deadly beauty for the sake of the assignment, but now his own heart was in jeopardy….

Rafe's every kiss made Kendra forget her purpose, his every touch threatened to expose her secret past. Their passion boiled over in the midst of a dangerous mission and put them both at risk. With their cover blown and their identities bared, would their passion survive another night?

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