B-17G QUALIFIED QUAIL by Patrick Milward


By Patrick Milward

  • Publication Date: 2014-12-16
  • Genre: History

Book Summary

So many fell, so many planes with their crews of young men doing their job for "God and Country" over foreign lands. They came from all over the United States and the average age was under 21. When the crews were given a plane they put all their hopes, dreams and trust in that machine. Their B-17 became a part of the crew just the same as all of them. They needed their ship to take care of them.
This is the story of one who vowed to do so. Qualified Quail had a dream. She wanted to get her boys back. She wanted them to have a life. She decided she'd get them home !

About the author: Patrick Milward fell in love with Qualified Quail when he was looking for a leather flight jacket. He is the proud and happy holder of a private pilot license and has been a History and aviation fan for ever. After twenty years in the telecom business he decided to pursue his passions in the air and in writing. His wife and two daughters constantly encourage him, as many of his readers on his blog at www.qualified-quail.com.

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